Koshin Fidaar

A Safer Washington for Our Families

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Koshin Fidaar is a leader who has spent his life serving his community.

For three years, Koshin Fidaar served as the President and CEO of Somalia Community Coalition. He provided services to African immigrants and refugees to ensure a smooth transition into our community.

As an Army veteran, Koshin Fidaar kept our community safe while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as a combat engineer.

Koshin Fidaar has years of experience in serving the public – we can trust him to continue to put our families first.


Creating Safer

Koshin Fidaar believes that our children deserve to feel safe in their homes and will fight to increase public safety in our communities.

Fighting for

Koshin Fidaar is passionate about advocating for the over 40 million working families in our country who are still below the poverty level.

Focusing on

Koshin Fidaar is focusing on getting assistance for working families who need state and federal economic incentives to overcome poverty.

Serving Up

Koshin Fidaar believes in changing the statistic that our country has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with one-third of released prisoners eventually going back to prison.